What Kind of Beers Have the Most Alcohol?

While a lot of beer drinkers would like to avoid a “beer belly,” other beer drinkers have other plans.

Among this crowd of beer aficionados, they never focus on how many carbohydrates or calories a particular can of beer has. They focus more on the amount of buzz they will get. As you probably already know, alcohol affects the brain, and it creates a nice mellow buzz.

If you don’t know your limits and you keep tilting back beer after beer, you start getting drunk. Getting drunk in contrast with a nice, mellow buzz that helps you open up and enjoy the good times with your friends in a bar or restaurant setting is different.

Still, many people expect as much alcoholic power in every single can of beer they enjoy. If you’re this type of beer drinker, please understand that many beers differ from one another.

What separates beers from one another involves flavor, color, the type of foamy head you get when you pour the beer as well as textures; but most significantly, beers differ from one another in terms of their alcohol by volume content or ABV for short. This is the amount of total alcohol a beverage has in relation to its weight.

Generally, a regular beer in the market in the United States would have an ABV of 5% to 7%. This is the average beer.

When you go to your corner grocery store and head to the beer section, expect the typical can of beer to have 5% to 7% of alcohol.

If you want to get as much “kick” from every can of beer you open, be on the lookout for ABV between 8% to 13%.

Please understand that we’re not talking strictly about the brand of beer. Instead, the type of beer determines primarily its alcohol by volume content.

As you probably already know, if you’ve been drinking beers for quite some time, there are different types of beer. There are lagers, pilsners, stouts, porters, brown ale, and of course India pale ale or IPA beer.

These different categories of beer, generally, have a fairly well-defined range of alcohol by volume content. It follows that if you are looking for the highest alcohol level, you need to first zero in on a specific category of beer.

Stouts have the highest concentration of alcohol among different beer types. Logically, you must start within the stouts category.

As you probably are aware, different makers of specific types of beer range in characteristics. Even among American stout beers, they differ quite a bit from each other in terms of flavor, color, and the foam head that you get when your ice-cold beer into a mug. They also have different textures and of course different alcohol levels.

So keep these in mind.

If you are serious about finding a specific brand of beer that has the most alcohol, you can’t just settle with stout beers.

  • Lagers contain 4%-5% ABV
  • Pilsners contain3%-6% ABV
  • Stouts have 5%-10% ABV
  • Porters 4% to 5% ABV
  • Brown Ale contains 4%-6% ABV
  • IPA- 6%-7% ABV

Beer types with the highest alcohol level:

  • Eisbock – it is very alcoholic and malty. This is a highly concentrated type of beer. It has a level of 9%-15% ABV and has a vibrant and robust flavor.
  • English Barleywine – toasty and malty with a note of caramel. It is very dense, exquisite and velvety. It has an ABV of 8%-12% and one of the most potent ales.
  • American Barleywine – is intense, bold, malty and bittersweet. It has a dark color, amber to brown and has a potent aroma. It has an ABV of 8 to 12%.
  • Russian Imperial Stout- smooth and creamy that tastes nutty and toasty that transitions to a bitter taste and a bitter and dry aftertaste. It has a ABV of 8%-12%.
  • Wheatwine – is a type of ale made with wheat and has a sweet and malty taste, is lighter in color and doesn’t taste too bitter. ABV is around 8-12%.
  • Belgian Quadrupel – one of the strongest with an ABV of 9-14%. It is sweet and creamy, has flavors of caramel, dark sugar, spicy herbs and toasted malt. A Belgian style-beer that has amber to dark brown.
  • Belgian Triple- citrusy, with a creamy and pleasant taste, has a deep golden color, malty taste. Has an ABV of 7.5% to 9.5%.
  • American Strong Ale- strong and flavorful, malty and hoppy with citrus notes. It has a darker color, amber to dark brown. It has an ABV of 7%-20%.
  • Old Ale- it has a malty and fruity aroma, and has light amber color to darker brown. It has nutty, caramel and molasses notes and the ABV is 6%-9%.
  • Braggot- it is a blend of spices, mead and beer with side notes of honey, it is also malt and hoppy. It can be either light or pale colored or dark-coloured. It has an ABV of 5%-14%.